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Shawn Mendes Voices Support For Marijuana Legalization

Shawn Mendes once stated an opinion many celebrities had previously: he loves weed. But when Mendes announced his marijuana affection, he received a surprising backlash. A significant portion of fans were somewhere between apoplectic and troubled. “Please don’t go down the wrong path Shawn,” one fan tweeted.

I don’t regret to inform those fans that Mendes maintains his journey down the weed path. His support for the plant is consistent, as he revealed in a recent interview with Vice Canada. In a video titled “Random Questions with Shawn Mendes,” the songwriter voiced opinions on a range of truly random topics.

Of course, the interviewer asked Mendes about cannabis. “Have you invested in a weed company?” Mendes was asked.

“I haven’t, no,” he replied. “I have not, but in Canada it’s legal now, so that’s awesome.”

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That wasn’t all. While Mendes was asked what animal he could take in a fight (a squirrel) and what weird piece of memorabilia he owns (“I have so many Harry Potter wands it’s ridiculous”), there were more weed questions in order. Did Mendes have a favorite type of strain, the interviewer asked.

“A favorite strain? I don’t, I don’t,” he said. “Like I really don’t know that much about weed.”

You can watch the whole Shawn Mendes interview above.



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