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Did Paul McCartney Just Write A Donald Trump Song?

Good, bad, or somewhere in between, everyone has something to say about Donald Trump. The President of the United States is an extremely divisive character and has caused many to speak out for or against him. These people vary from fellow politicians to media pundits to artists, and soon might include one other type of person—a Beatle. News broke recently via the Liverpool Echo that Sir Paul McCartney will have a song about Trump on his upcoming untitled album. McCartney was visiting the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts when he revealed that Trump was on his mind.

“Sometimes the situation in the world is so crazy that you’ve got to address it,” McCartney told the LIPA students.

McCartney has a tremendous international platform and in the later stages of his life has used that platform to support liberal-minded causes and groups across the world. Though he remains an artistic force, McCartney is as much an activist nowadays.

If McCartney’s recent comments regarding Trump are any indication, Macca won’t be voicing his endorsement. “I’m not a fan at all. He’s unleashed a kind of violent prejudice that is sometimes latent among people,” he told the Daily Telegraph. He also added, “He’s unleashed the ugly side of America.”

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