Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Some People Are Mocking Kate Middleton For This Questionable Fashion Faux Pas

Kate Middleton looks stunning wherever she goes and last week was no exception, even though some believed she was wearing her dress backwards.

The Duchess of Cambridge recently recycled a Barbara Casasola dress that she wore back in 2016 for the first annual gala dinner in recognition of Addiction Awareness Week.

What do you think. Does it look like Kate is wearing her dress incorrectly?

Yes, the dress has a zipper down the front, but if you look at how it was worn on the catwalk, it’s supposed to be worn that way.

Here’s Kate wearing the same dress several years ago.

But assuming Kate was wearing the dress backwards didn’t exactly come out of nowhere. She was snapped wearing a purple Gucci blouse backwards this past March. It was tied in the front correctly, but the buttons should have been in the back, not down the front (which you can see in the second photo).

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Regardless of whether or not the blouse was worn correctly, it still sold out thanks to Kate being the fashion influencer that she is.


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