Friday, July 19, 2024

Kate Middleton Sends Demand Soaring For This Surprising Fashion Accessory

It’s not a secret Kate Middleton has perfect hair, and now we know the reason. It’s a little trick that was big back in the day and now, thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge, is back in fashion.

It’s…a hairnet.

The Daily Mail reports that the online UK retailer Superdrug has seen a 40 percent surge in sales after it was revealed that Kate uses them to create her impeccable signature updos. A big fan of coiffed hairstyles, Kate uses hairnets to secure her hair in place, creating the flawless effect.

Meg Potter, Superdrug head of beauty, tells The Daily Mail:

Sometimes the classics are the best and the hairnet is a great example of a simple idea which can achieve the best results, without the need for fancy technology or expensive ingredients. To hear a humble hairnet is the secret to keeping The Duchess’ up dos in place and looking sleek is a far cry from all the usual high end gadgets and beauty lovers have rushed out to pick up hairnets in a bid to recreate these fabulous looks.

But there are tons more products that go into creating Kate’s signature Disney Princess hair every day.

Ahead of Kate’s visit to Norway and Sweden, her royal tour hairdresser Amanda Cook Tucker posted a photo in Instagram that looked like a Sally’s Beauty exploded. The hair product haul included 13 brushes, six combs and two hairdryers.

At the time, celebrity hairdresser Jason Collier was quoted as saying, “I’m not surprised Kate’s hairdresser has such a substantial kit for the Royal Tour – we’ve come to expect Kate to look impeccably groomed and glamorous, and she is so famous for that beautiful blow-dry that it always needs to look perfect.”


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