Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Watch: Stephen Colbert And Run The Jewels Create New Halloween Classic

On last night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert spoke of the need for a new Halloween classic, noting—semi-accurately—that there hasn’t been one since 1950’s “Monster Mash.” Thankfully, the host enlisted his pals from the rap duo Run the Jewels to help him create the “Halloween Wiggle.”

The song opens with a goofy Colbert dancing cheesily in an orange “Boo!” sweater before Run the Jewel’s El-P and Killer Mike cut in with lyrics like: “Drop pumpkin down low/and make my fun size sticky/I’m about to find out if you a treaty or a tricky/spread your cobwebs/and arch your back/and I’m gonna stick my hand down your candy sack.”

Colbert tries to bring it back to more wholesome territory with a ditty about a harmless dance that includes a “skeleton clap,” but he’s no match for El-P’s raunchy rhymes: “I’m gonna haunt you hard with my unwrapped Snickers/stick my face in a candy bowl/turn you around and lick your Hershey hole.”

We can’t wait to add the “Halloween Wiggle” to our Halloween playlist. Watch the full song below.

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