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The 14 Absolutely Twisted Movies To Watch On 4/20

Few things are better on a holiday like 4/20 than finding a couch and watching movies. But sometimes it’s difficult to choose what exactly are the best films for such an occasion. Well, no worries. Our friends at Tribeca Shortlist, the streaming service curated by film industry stars, have helped compile the perfect slate of features to dive into, no matter your preference, on a day like this. Choose any of these movies and we’ll promise you won’t be disappointed.


A couple decides to take an idyllic cross-country road trip that flips on its head when they decide to kill any other travelers who annoy them. This Ben Wheatley-directed film teeters narrowly between dark comedy and misshapen horror, but if you’re a Quentin Tarantino fan, this is right up your alley.


On the surface, this might seem like an indie romance you’ve seen before: Boy loses girl, then goes on a road trip to find his love once again. He meets some iconoclastic companions on the way to ostensibly help him. Here’s the twist: Everyone’s dead. Refer to the title and you could guess just how all these characters ended up dead.

Mr. Nobody

This trippy cult classic stars Jared Leto as Nemo Nobody, who remains as the last mortal man on Earth. Facing his own life, he recounts how differently everything could have one if only he had chosen different paths. This is the move if you want to have ~*deep thoughts*~ on the holiday.

Punch-Drunk Love

Open Your Eyes

This movie might sound familiar to you if you’re a Tom Cruise stan: A man who has it all including money, recognition, and women, gets thrown into existential mystery following a car accident. That’s the plot for Open Your Eyes, which writer-director Cameron Crowe later remade for English languages as Vanilla Sky.

Still Smokin’

It’s classic Cheech and Chong, with a title like Still Smokin. You know what this about already.

The Day of the Dolphin

In perhaps the most bonkers film of director Mike Nichols’ career (which is saying something), a scientist teaches a pair of dolphins to speak and understand the English language. It all turns on him when these dolphins are stolen and to be used in an assassination attempt.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Max Mon Amour

This movie is billed as “the greatest ape romance since King Kong.” Here’s the basic plot: A British diplomat’s wife takes a chimpanzee as her lover. We won’t spoil the rest.


For if you have ever had those paranoid thoughts that the government is out to get you, this psychological thriller might feel relatable. A woman holed up in an Oklahoma motel becomes involved with a man who believes in conspiracy theories between the government and bugs. Follow the web from there.


How best to describe this movie? You probably have heard of its whispered cult status. A woman with teeth in her vagina sets out for vengeance against all men. If you’re into that sort of thing.


Perhaps you’d rather live in reality on this holiday, and want to keep things small. Like really small. Explore the surprisingly complex world of insect and other invertebrates with this captivating documentary.



A quiet bank clerk has his secrets played out for the whole town when a train lands in his backyard. This psychological thriller might remind you of M. Night Shyamalan’s recent Split, which also stars a man with multiple personality disorder.


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