Sunday, May 26, 2024

Vice Employees Are Complaining About Action Bronson’s Weed Usage

Let’s put this right up front: Action Bronson, TV host, is an inimitable, hyper-captivating character I can’t get enough of. Neither, it seems, can the rest of the world. For the somewhat incipient VICELAND, Bronson hosts three total shows, each of them highly consumable. He is a star and stars usually get away with what they want.

But Spin Magazine reports a friction bubbling from employees of Vice’s editorial operations. Production of The Untitled Action Bronson Show occurs in the same building where many editorial staffers work, and his antics have been labeled disruptive, boorish, and rude.

One of the major sticking points, according to Spin, has been Bronson’s heavy weed usage.

Via Spin:

Another sticking point raised by nearly every source was Bronson’s use of weed in the office. The rapper is an avowed pothead who smokes constantly on camera. This has extended, too, to the Vice office and its main lobby. Vice has a no-drug policy at its office, though as it pertains to Bronson it is not enforced. Bronson is said to leave parts of the office, including large, shared areas, reeking of weed smoke daily—a mild and even comical annoyance, especially at a largely millennial workplace like Vice, but one that staffers believe erodes the professionalism the company should be growing into. These sources also referred to other talent who smoke weed in the office, but said their use is limited to private areas and is respectful of the staff’s working environment.

As one source explains, “He smokes weed all the time, the whole building smells like weed when he’s there.” Another echoes those sentiments, saying, “He smokes pot all day long in the lobby of the fucking office. The whole lobby stinks.”

Of course, constant workplace intrusions and disruptions as described in the article are something nobody should have to deal with. But it’s still weird to hear Vice, of all places, complaining about weed usage in the workplace.


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