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4 Things That Will Keep An Old iPhone Running For As Long As Possible

There are different ways in which you can extend the life of your phone.

Keep An Old iPhone Working For As Long As Possible
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Old phones are useless and most of the time no one wants them, so they end up haunting the bottom of your drawers for a really long time. If you’re the type of person who gets annoyed when an old device is going to waste, or if you are simply very attached to your phone and don’t want to waste money on an upgrade, there are a few things you can do to keep it functioning as best as possible.

While newer versions of the iPhone will always work better than older ones, being capable of storing and processing much more information, CBS News compiled a few things you can do that’ll help your old iPhone work at its best.

Here 4 of our favorites: 

Don’t Update The OS

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Updates in the software enhance your phone’s performance, but if the device is old it takes a toll on the processor and causes it to run slower. If your phone works well, then steer clear of updates.

Get A New Battery

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Battery packs get damaged over time, so your phone ends up having a much worse battery life than the average iPhone, which is already pretty bad. Apple has been facilitating battery replacements recently, or, if you’re brave enough, you can swap the battery yourself.

Clean Charging Ports

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Charging ports can get filled with lint and other things, which can make it harder to charge your device. Make sure to clean all ports, and to take good care of your phone.

Free Up Storage

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By heading over to Settings > General, your iPhone will show you the largest apps it has installed. Get rid of the largest ones you’re not using, and consider storing your phones and videos on the iCloud. Your phone will be much faster in no time.

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