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This Star-Studded British Airways Safety Video Is The Best Thing In Air Travel

One of the best parts of any flight is the boarding. Kidding. Everyone knows the best part of any flight is the drinking. But the second best part of being stuck on an airplane is getting to watch one of those entertaining safety videos that some airlines spend quality time making, like Virgin and Air New Zealand. And that’s exactly what British Airways is doing. They’ve teaming up with UK charity Comic Relief, and a hand full of British celebs, to make a fun and educational pre-flight safety video.

The video features a foul-mouthed Gordon Ramsay, who demonstrates the proper way to store “handbaggage”; Thandie Newton, who helps passengers locate the nearest exit, and gets her name mangled by the director, who can’t stop flirting with her; Sir Ian McKellan who explains the oxygen masks; and Gillian Anderson, who demos how to brace oneself for a potential crashing, after which she is told to “chill out a little” by the director. Rowan “Mr. Bean” Atkinson and Jim Broadbent also have roles, the latter of whom is left with showing viewers the proper way to fold a tray table into the upright position.

The video ends with a quick mention of Flying Start, the charity for which there are envelopes in the front pockets of each seat to donate. Watch the entire thing here.

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