3 Weird Royal Rules Kate Middleton Must Follow When She Gives Birth

Oh, royals!

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It’s not easy being a member of the Royal Family. There are all sorts of protocols that must be followed, many dating back centuries. It may seem old-fashioned to fall in line with some of these rigid rules today, especially the ones that happen during the birth of a royal child.

Here’s what Kate Middleton has to look forward to when she gives birth to her third kid any day now, according to The Daily Star. Take note, Meghan Markle.

The Queen Has To Be The First To Know

Sorry, Prince William. When Kate births her next kid, Her Majesty must be the first to know (well, besides Kate) before it can be announced publicly.

According to The Daily Star, this  protocol was broken recently when Kate and Will announced the birth of Prince George on Twitter, versus the more traditional vehicle of an easel outside Buckingham Palace.

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The Town Crier Announces The News To The Public

Yep. Town criers are still employed. It’s a custom that stretches back to  medieval times when people couldn’t read or write. We’ve evolved since then, yes?

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Home Births Are Preferred

It’s preferred that royals give birth at home, which Queen Elizabeth did for all of her children. According to The Daily Star, Princess Diana broke this rule when she gave birth to both William and Harry at London’s St Mary’s Hospital.

Kate also had George and Charlotte there, but it’s expected she’ll have her third baby delivered in Kensington Palace. It should also be noted (and expected) that midwives are sworn to secrecy.

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