Will These ‘Suits’ Stars Attend The Royal Wedding?

Instagram never lies.

Will These 'Suits' Stars Attend The Royal Wedding?
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Stringer/Getty Images

As the date of the royal wedding fast approaches, so does rapid speculation of who received an invitation to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s nuptials. Various sources have reported the guest list includes some 600 possible attendees and everyone’s wondering if their fave made the cut.

But what about Markle’s former “Suits” co-stars? Every bride- and groom-to-be makes tough decision (apologies in advance to that B-level college buddy who didn’t quite qualify) though in Markle’s case, she hasn’t forgotten her work friends.

According to sources, “The cast has been contacted in regards to invites from Kensington Palace.” What’s more, it appears “the cast and key executives from the hit U.S. show are on the invite list for the royal wedding.”

If you care about these types of things, you’re probably wondering just who did and didn’t receive invitations. And though we can’t definitively answer such an important question, social media does give us a clue because—*cue dramatic music*—some “Suits” castmates have been dropping heavy hints with nearby travel pics.

Last week, Patrick Adams was low-key flexing with some “totally spontaneous” motorcycle pics. His location? Morocco, which is a mere 32 hour drive away from the U.K.. Adams, in case you forgot, played Mike Ross, Markle’s husband on the show.


A post shared by Patrick Adams (@halfadams) on

Also we have Sarah Rafferty just “casually” posting some Instagrams with her daughter in Paris. Proud mom sharing an intimate moment with her child on a social media platform or a bat-signal suggesting she’s nearby for the royal wedding? You decide.

Then there’s perhaps the most blatant clue of all. That would be Jacinda Barrett. She’s married to “Suits” actor Gabriel Macht and you won’t believe where she’s posting Instagrams from. That’s right. Buckingham Palace, a.k.a. the home of the Royal Family.

Yeah, they’re totally not going to the wedding.

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