Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Meme Of The Week: A Scared Tyra Banks Becomes The Most Relatable Meme

This week’s meme is a clip pulled from one of Project Runaway’s early episodes. Here are some of our favorite Twitter responses.

Internet memes tend to come from the most unexpected of sources, like this week’s meme, which is pulled from one of the early seasons of Project Runway. Why? No one knows, but it’s still a funny video.

In it, Tyra Banks walks inside a room and asks a handful of models to raise their hands if they’re scared, all with the most peaceful tone imaginable. All models, including Tyra herself, raise their hands in sympathy and the clip ends. For something so detailed and unique, it’s impressive how much the memes resonate, coming up with different twists and versions of a joke that are hilarious.

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Here are some of our favorite responses, ranging from how much it sucked when your mom screamed at you in front of your friends at a sleepover, to all sorts of anxieties generated by politics:

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