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3 Subtle Relationship Habits That Can Predict Staying Power

When you find yourself falling for someone new, pure physical attraction is often what sparks the initial flame of desire. And we ride that train for as long as we can before realizing that wanting to spend every moment with your partner in bed doesn’t have staying power. Yes, sex is definitely an important aspect of a healthy relationship, but there are several other common habits happy couples practice — even if they don’t realize it — that create staying power.

Bustle compiled a list of 7 of them. Here are 3 we think are the easiest to adopt if you haven’t already.

You speak each other’s language

This means trying to understand your partner’s hobbies and passions, whether intellectual or physical.  Jenna Birch, CEO of Plum dating app and author of The Love Gaptells Bustle that learning to “speak your partner’s language” is crucial to bonding because it shows you’re actually listening to understand, which ultimately leads to a more satisfying relationship than those who listen just to respond.

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You go to bed at the same time

This is totally a thing. As Bustle points out, a recent study in the journal Chronobiology International found that couples who go to bed around the same time have better relationships because sharing a bed creates intimacy and attachment.

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You kiss for 6 seconds twice a day

Couples therapist Beth Wylie says kissing your partner every day creates more positive interactions. “We need to be more mindful to create positive interactions so that the overall health of the relationship stays in a positive space,” she tells Bustle.  The Gottman Institute backs up her claim. They found that kissing for  six seconds twice a day  can help you better connect with your partner.

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For more quirky habits that can predict the success of a relationship, head over to Bustle.


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