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The Motorola RAZR Is Coming Back As A $1,500 Smartphone

Remember your favorite phone? The first one you had that offered the opportunity to dramatically snap it shut as a way of ending a conversation? No other phone has ever provided that feeling since, and Motorola is counting on that. The company is working on a revamped version of their iconic RAZR that will be capable of running the latest apps, while maintaining its attractive “snappiness.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that the new RAZR is scheduled for release next month. Even though tests and modifications are still being done, the device will be a redesigned version of the old RAZR with a foldable screen — a term that’s been popular ever since Samsung announced their foldable phone. Initial predictions claim that the new RAZR will be sold for $1,500, a shockingly ambitious price.

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This announcement comes as a big surprise since there are no specs available for the phone. Virtually nothing is known about the device, it’s capabilities, how it’ll look, or what Motorola means when they say “foldable.”

Lenovo, the company that owns Motorola, is working on producing over 200,000 of these smartphones — a number experts are calling optimistic. Motorola hasn’t been a serious competitor in the smartphone business in years, and no matter how much you loved your RAZR, you’re probably not buying one for $1,500.

Who knows, maybe people are ready to throw away their iPhones. We’ll have to wait until February to see what happens.



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