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4 Holiday Gift Ideas For That Person Who’s Obsessed With Fitness

Fitness gurus and workout addicts are a dime a dozen nowadays. We can barely scroll through our Instagram feeds without watching someone doing yoga or showing us their crazy crossfit workout of the day. We get it. You like going to the gym and you’re also very healthy. We’re a little bit jealous, but that’s neither here nor there.

Luckily, while these people are a little annoying they’re also very easy to please when it comes to gift giving, especially considering that being fit right now is super cool and there are a million gift options available.

Check out 4 unique gift ideas for that health nut in your life: 


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Ignoring the cheesy name, 23andMe is a company that supplies you with a saliva sample package that’ll allow them to give you your ancestry and DNA information. The product gives you all the available info on your genetic health risks, traits, and more. On the fun side of things, it’ll also provide a detailed information of your ancestry, explaining where your DNA comes from and what’s your family’s story.

For the holidays, they’re offering up to 50 dollars off on some of their products.

Apple Watch

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Fitness trackers are everywhere, but nothing screams PRESENTS!! more than an Apple product. Unless the person whom you’re giving the gift to prefers Windows, in which case you can skip over this section.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is pretty pricey, but it’s gorgeous and it also has great connectivity with the iPhone, providing LTE connection, taking your phone calls and so much more.


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ClassPass offers access to different sets of yoga studios, gyms and fitness centers in more than 30 places in the U.S. for a monthly subscription fee that ensures the user won’t get bored with doing the same workouts over and over.

Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mat

Most people forget to replace their yoga mats, even though they get nasty after a few uses. These mats are great for any type of workout, including yoga or at home stretching. Yoga Design Lab makes some great mats with biodegradable materials that are also super cute.


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