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4 Things About The French And Their Views On Sex

Americans and English speaking people have strange perceptions about the French. These people are seen as alluring and sometimes rude. They’re also smooth and are known for their delicious food. Culture really seems to believe that the French are really romantic and into sex. While most of these are stereotypes, they exist for a reason, and for outsiders the French are very mysterious.

Maia Mazaurette, from GQ France answered a few questions for The Local, clearing up a few beliefs and proving that cultures aren’t all that different when it comes to sex. Check out 4 of main differences between Americans and French when it comes to sex:

Sex Is Pretty Chill In France

While in America we tend to be pretty conservative with the way we portray sex in the media and in our lives, the French are different. According to Mazaurette, there are no “moral hang ups” about having sex in France. She also says that there’s less of a“hook up” culture and thus, no stress over having sex with someone you met a little while ago. In France, first date sex doesn’t take away from the potential of a serious relationship.“We have sex because it’s a cool activity. If something physical is happening, just enjoy it”

What’s Are The Dating Rules?

In America the 3 date rule used to be pretty popular, even though Tinder and dating apps have complicated things further (you can hook up with someone on the first date but it might make you seem like you’re not “the serious type”). In France, “things can happen quickly, especially if people are a little bit drunk. I don’t want to have to wait for sex and play the game if I have a crush on someone. I don’t want to have to wait until the end of the evening for sex, I want to go home immediately.” Of course, this depends mostly on the person and not the country.

Oral Sex Isn’t Expected In France

Women are sometimes expected to give oral sex to men without asking anything in return. Mazaurette is really shocked by this, claiming that she finds it “completely weird that women [from America or UK] would give a guy blow job and get nothing in return. It’s implying that he should be rewarded just for speaking to you. In France you never owe sex to anyone”. That seems smart.

When Do French People Know That They’re In A Relationship?

In France, there’s no such thing as having “the talk.” In America, after people have kissed, slept together, and hung out a couple of times, they have a conversation where they make it clear to each other that they’re dating exclusively. Like children.

French partners will expect you to be faithful from the beginning, deleting your profile from dating sites and such. If you’ve reached the point where you’re having sex with someone without using a condom, then it’s pretty much expected that you aren’t sleeping with other people.



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