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4 Tips To Treat And Prevent Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are common and hard to get rid of, but there are a few things you can do to lessen their appearance.

Most people see no harm in weight loss, especially if it happens fast, but there are some negative side effects to it. Some of the most common — and harmless — are stretch marks.

These scars and skin blemishes occur when we lose or gain weight rapidly, with our skin breaking and being unable to adapt to these changes. Collagen and elastin, two proteins that maintain you skin healthy and looking good, break when the skin expands or contracts making the stretch mark appear. These scars are common in hips, breasts, butts and bellies, areas that change the most once your body experiences some change.

At first, stretch marks appear as red lines. The color is due to the increased blood flow the area receives in order to treat the damage, and it’s the moment when they’re easier to get rid off. Here are four ways that can help you battle and cope with your stretch marks.

Lose or gain weight gradually

If you’re planning on losing weight or gaining muscle mass but are concerned over the possibility of stretch marks, make a long term workout and nutrition plan. Gradual weight loss has been correlated with better and longer lasting results, making it more likely for people to stick to their new lifestyle and for your body to cope with the changes in a healthier way. Visit a doctor, change your diet gradually, learn about nutrition and add in some physical activity.

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Laser therapy is the most effective method

While these options are expensive, they’re the ones that deliver the most effective and noticeable results. Laser therapy damages the skin around the stretch mark, removing layers or stimulating collagen production, making the mark less noticeable. Even after submitting yourself to this treatment, pronounced stretch marks might still be noticeable.

Be realistic with your cream and lotion use

Once the stretch mark appears, you can target them with lotions and creams, but it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. While these product might relieve itching and improve their looks, some experts believe they don’t do much of an effect. Still, every body is different, and there are some lotions, like Retin-A, that reportedly work.

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Stretch marks might disappear over time

Although it’s not a given, stretch marks might disappear, especially if they’re still on the red stage. The ones caused by pregnancies or weight loss might fade and become much less noticeable over time.


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