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5 Best Podcasts About Love And Sex

While a sex & advice columns are not things you normally associate with podcasts and radio programs, there are tons of them and they’re very beloved by audiences.

Podcasts focused on love and relationships work really well, as if you were having a conversation a friend. But they’re the ones who do all the talking and also super wise and knowledgeable. These people have a podcast! Of course they know their stuff.

Whether these people are giving out therapist-like advice, telling you their most personal and embarrassing stories, or simply traveling the world and talking about sex, these podcasts are a guaranteed way of having a good time and learning a thing or two. Check out five of our favorite love & sex podcasts:

Private Parts Unknown

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Hosted by Courtney Kocak & Sofiya Alexandra, Private Parts Unknown is a travel podcast that discusses the different ways in which people interact with sex and gender throughout different countries. The conversations are funny and always enlightening, explaining why countries and their people are the way the are.

Why Don’t You Date Me? With Nicole Byer

Nicole Byer is a hilarious person, and her podcast is no different. Interviewing different guests that range from celebrities to experts, Why Don’t You Date Me? establishes intimate conversations that touch upon a little bit of everything. Queer relationships, STIs, single living, and bad hook ups all have a spot on this podcast.

Sex Talk With My Mom

A comedian and his self-proclaimed cougar mom host this bi-weekly podcast that discusses sexual taboos and hosts guests that range from legendary porn stars to previous sexual partners. It’s one of the funniest and most interesting podcasts out there, with a couple of hosts that disagree on almost every topic.


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LoveLink is what you’d expect when you mention a traditional sex podcast: a program that features two hosts that are actually therapists and interview experts from all sorts of backgrounds, always with love and sex at the forefront.

Classroom Crush

Classroom Crush has a delightful idea at it’s core: one funny host who invites individuals in order to talk about their most embarrassing and life-impacting childhood crushes. Who doesn’t want to listen to that? It’s a million dollar idea.


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