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You Should Be Listening To These Cannabis Podcasts

Whether you’re looking for something all about marijuana business or the history of cannabis, these podcasts will keep you entertained and informed.

Content is king and no media format contains more creativity and niche information than the world of podcasts. Most of us listen to podcasts through headphones, which makes the listening experience more intimate and personal than binging Netflix on a Sunday morning. Thanks to America’s newfound interest in all things cannabis, a wealth of cannabis podcasts have emerged to satiate the growing demands of audiences.

Here are some of our favorites, all of which still produce fresh episodes.

On Something

This new NPR-associated podcast from Colorado Public Radio focuses on how life has changed in various parts of the country following legalization. Hosted by journalist Ann Marie Awad, On Something narrows down to the personal narratives that occur in the wake of so much political and cultural change. Recent episodes include “CBD: The Hype And The Reality” and “Legal Weed As Reparations?”


For the folks interested in the nuances behind the growing and processing of cannabis, this show is for you. Don’t worry, GrowCast doesn’t exclusively discuss growing techniques. The podcast also dives into the history of cannabis and some of marijuana’s biggest pop culture moments, all while expanding your knowledge of all things weed.

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As you might expect by its name, CannaInsider is a very industry-centric podcast. You’ll enjoy this show if you’re interested in the business of marijuana, as well as the trends and individuals shaping the cannabis industry. With nearly 300 episodes, this is a must-listen for anyone who wants to make it big in marijuana.

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Great Moments In Weed History

Who doesn’t love a good deep dive? That’s what keeps us returning to this show, which highlights some of the most improbable and hilarious moments in cannabis history. Whether hosts Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock discuss Barack Obama’s weed years, or when Bob Dylan first introduced The Beatles to marijuana, you’ll learn how cannabis indirectly and directly shaped some of America’s greatest figures.



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