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5 Free Streaming Services For When You Need Something To Watch (Besides Election Results)

Need a cheap distraction? Here are 5 streaming services that are free and provide decent content.

If we have a surplus of anything in 2020 it’s streaming services. Options abound, and it’s a little overwhelming. Nowadays, people need to have several different subscriptions to keep up with original programming and the shows and movies everyone is talking about, which makes it easy for costs to pile up.

But there are a lot of streaming services out there that are free. Despite the fact that you have to cope with their ads, they can complement your regular Netflix and Hulu binges, giving you some variety. Here are 5 of the best free streaming services:


Containing a collection of movies and shows that are not as robust as anything a paid streamer can provide, IMDb TV can still fulfill some of your entertainment needs. The listings of movies and shows changes periodically and features more obscure content than Netflix would. Still, it’s a good option for movie lovers, since it at times has a list of films that are way better than the ones provided by Netflix and other popular streamers.


the 10 best tv shows movie to watch when high
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Tubi is another streamer that has movies and shows. The catch is that it also has a ton of ads. While the shows may lack some seasons of TV, their programming is deeper than the one provided by some paid services.


While not exactly free, Peacock allows you to access about a third of their catalogue by simply creating an account and a password. The service is owned by NBCUniversal, so most of their catalogue is comprised of their content.


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VRV is a strange streamer, publishing written content while also giving users a catalogue of niche programming. The majority of their stuff focuses on anime, gaming and cartoons. With an account and a password, you’ll have access to thousands of programs for free. If you pay a little more, you’ll have access to more and won’t have to cope with ads.


For people who are interested in eSports and watching people play video games, there’s no better place than Twitch. Known for its real-time gaming broadcasts and owned by Amazon, Twitch is a space where people can also upload their own videos of drawings, gaming, and more.


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