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5 Last Minute Presents That Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can sneak up on you, leaving you without a good plan or a present come February 14. Although most stores are packed with chocolate hearts and teddy bears, the following presents are a little more unique and will make it look like you are thoughtful and want to give your partner something special.

These presents are all accessible and fun, perfect for those couples who’d rather stay in on Valentine’s Day. Check them out:

A sex toy


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Sex toys are a great present for Valentine’s Day. Duh. There’s a large variety of them online and, since it’s Valentine’s Day, you can probably find a good amount of discounts. You can buy a vibrating ring, a vibrator or some CBD or THC infused lube. The options are endless.

A robe

Robes are one of the most stolen items from hotels for a reason. They’re amazing and fluffy, giving you the chance to  walk through your house while feeling like royalty. You can find all sorts of prices online, but the more money you spend the fluffier your robe will be.

Board games


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Board games are great presents for everyone, because even people who hate board games have fun while playing Cards Against Humanity. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a big fan of old school games, there’s also UnboxBoardom, a subscription box that delivers awesome board games every month.

CBD oils

There’s a large variety of CBD oils that can treat anxiety, insomnia or boost sexual performance. Depending on what you buy, your present can be thoughtful, sexy or a little bit of both.

Matching underwear


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Matching underwear is kind of sweet and romantic if you’re into that sort of thing. MeUndies has a lot of Valentine-themed options that are cute, even if they’re kind of expensive. Other brands on Amazon also provide similar offers at lower rates.


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