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5 Meditation Techniques For This November’s New Moon

November’s new moon is occurring on the 7th, landing in Scorpio. And according to astrology, it’s a perfect time to embrace the dark and bright aspects of your life, because it encourages you to do some clean up in order to kick off the month with positive vibes.

Elite Daily explains that new moons in Scorpio bring out the lightest light and the darkest dark, which sounds confusing, but sort of understandable. It’s a very intense mix of energies, lending itself for meditation and introspection. Bustle compiled a list of meditations that pair perfectly with November’s new moon. Check out 5 of our favorites:


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This guided meditation is all about helping you let go of things that are angering you and holding you back, encouraging you to forgive those that have hurt you. Even if you think you’re over something on a surface level, this meditation was built in order to help people heal wounds and issues they may still exist on your subconscious.

Self love

This 10 minute guided meditation encourages you to face your personal problems and embrace them, encouraging you to come to terms with your past, the issues you’ve faced, and the things you’d like to accomplish in the near future.

Dealing with conflict

This short guided meditation encourages you to face the conflicts you’ve had with important people in the past, especially those that still weigh on you. This meditation encourages you to calm down, especially during the times when you feel like your emotions are getting the best of you.

Positive energy

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This three hour meditation helps you let go of negative vibes and embrace peace and relaxation. Since it’s so long and relaxing, it’s a great way to let go of the day and help you go to sleep.

New moon

This meditation was designed for new moons, encouraging change and manifestation, helping you visualize your goals and how you can achieve them.


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