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5 Creepy Podcasts To Listen To Before Halloween

Although horror podcasts are very popular, there’s an extra layer of fun when tuning in to them around Halloween.

You’ve met at least one person who wants to host their own podcast. These programs have become a sort of hipster joke because of how trendy they are, but this is all for a reason: they’re one of the most digestible ways of consuming content.

This time of the year is one of the most exciting ones for fans of spooky things, because it’s when real life ghost stories come to life. Although horror podcasts are very popular, there’s an extra layer of fun when tuning into them around Halloween. Scary stories are one of those genres that work incredibly well; there’s just something extra creepy about listening alone to narrated stories featuring serial killers and urban legends with only your headphones to keep you company. No matter the gore and special effects, there’s nothing scarier than your imagination.

Here are 5 podcasts that are perfect for this time of the year:

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This anthology series tells short horror stories set in Ireland, and I don’t know if the accent is a contributing factor but the episodes are creepy as hell. Boasting great writing and amazing voice acting, this podcast is a great pick if you’re looking for something scary that you can get through while commuting to work. Episodes last a little under half hour and they range from creepy phone operators to investigators getting involved with unsettling cases.

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Inside The Exorcist

Inside is a podcast series hosted by Mark Ramsey, with each season telling the behind the scenes stories of iconic films such as Jaws and Psycho. This season focuses on The Exorcist, one of the world’s most terrifying movies, which also had one of the most infamous and eerie production processes in Hollywood.

Video Palace

Video Palace is produced by Shudder, a subscription service that creates all kinds of horror content. It tells the fictional story of Mark Cambria, a video collector who watches a VHS tape that makes him talk in his sleep in a strange language. The podcast is like a remix of the scary parts of The Ring and the fun vibes of Stranger Things, resulting on something unique that creeps under your skin.

Alice Isn’t Dead

Alice Isn’t Dead is the perfect example of a podcast that outgrows the medium and that makes its way onto more popular formats. The story is presented in the form of tapes, all recorded by a truck driver on the look for her missing wife. Along the way, a lot of weird and spooky stuff pops up. There are three seasons of the show available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, a recently published novel and talks for a TV series.

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Rabbits is a strange podcast, mixing reality and fiction in a way that can only be achieved through this medium. It follows Carly Parker, a woman who is investigating the mysterious disappearance of her missing friend. She soon stumbles into Rabbits, an alternate reality game that evokes conspiracy theories and lots of creepiness.


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