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5 Sexy Gift Ideas For Couples Who Want To Get Busy During The Holidays

Holiday season is always great for spending time with family, being grateful of all the things you have, and transforming yourself into a blanket burrito. It’s also a great time for having sex, with the cold making you want to take advantage of being indoors, drinking some red wine, and listening to Sade. It’s much more romantic than Valentine’s Day.

Here are 5 funny & sexy holiday presents that you can gift to your significant other, maintaining the perfect balance of naughty and nice:

Cute & Sexy Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are funny, cheap, and very sweet, which is why you should take advantage of them. They’re perfect for pairing with other presents or for simply reminding someone that they’re in your thoughts. Cafepress.com has some really awesome cards that are unique and special. 


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Who doesn’t love robes? They’re the perfect present, and in the winter their value increases times a thousand. They’re also a really nice gift, like socks, but fancier. Also sexier.

Broad City Sex Toy

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Sex toys are awesome but they can also be super tacky. The Broad City sex toys are funny, and that paired with orgasms sounds like the smartest investment you’ll ever make.

Remote Control Vibrator

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These vibrators are perfect for couples who live in different cities, who travel a lot, or who simply want to get kinky within a crowded room. OhMiBod, Max and Nora, PicoBong, the options are endless.

Funny Condoms

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Come on, that’s funny! Not very sexy though.

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