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7 Amazing Products You Need For A Fresh & Healthy Vagina

There are all kinds of healthy vagina products out there that serve multiple purposes such as making you look and feel good, taking care of your period related pains and aches, or for building up some muscle in your private parts. That’s a thing. Whatever the purpose of the product, they’re all welcome and worth a look. Check this list of 7 of our favorite vagina products:

Period Store Monthly Subscription Box

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This store specializes in subscription boxes that are meant to arrive right when you need them so you can have less of a bad time when your period comes around. On the site, you can create the type of box you want to have, with different pain relieving products and price ranges. It’s a simple way of having all the tools you need on a monthly basis while also making the best out of a shitty situation. Everyone loves getting packages.

Lovelife Krush Kegel Exerciser

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Kegels are well known for improving the health of your pelvic floor muscles, improving the sex life and health of the vaginas of women with a wide range of ages. Lovelife Krush Kegel measures the pressure of control of your muscles, helping you improve them while also having some fun in the meantime.

Go Primal PoPo Powder


If you’re an athlete or someone who sometimes struggles with odor control in your groin and armpits, this powder is a great and safe solution that features no talc powder and no toxic materials.

Thinx Period Underwear

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Thinx underwear is known for their infamous ads that caused a whole lot of controversy, but they’re also popular because they work really well! Featuring an unbelievable technology that’s capable of holding up to two tampons worth of blood, these panties are reusable and practically magical. What are you waiting for?

Joy Ride Creme

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If you’re someone who has a hard time when it comes to chafing and all that, Joy Ride is the perfect solution to all your problems. The plant based formula protects your vagina and avoids itching and burning of all sorts.

Lelo Luna Beads


The Luna Beads are perfect for women who are looking to improve their orgasms and to try new things. Featured in two sizes, the Luna Beads vibrate accordingly to your body’s movements and try to raise your levels of arousal.

DivaCup & Lunapads

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DivaCups are great for people who are bored and annoyed with the traditional tampons and pads. These cups can be worn for 12 hours at a time and are reusable, saving you some money on disposable and expensive products.


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