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5 Signs You And Your Partner Have An Authentic Connection

It’s easier to find a partner who likes to hang out, have sex, and occasionally text you — many consider these superficial behaviors signs of a real relationship — than someone you have a deeper connection to. It’s why many of us settle. But how can you tell the difference? Would you be able to recognize if you and your person were connected beyond just romantic surface behaviors?

According to the Meet Mindful blog, there are several elements that signal you have an authentic connection with your significant other. Here are 5 of them.

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You feel comfortably being yourself 

You don’t feel you’re being judged for letting the “real you” shine when you’re around your partner. You may put on a mask when you’re at work or among friends, but when you’re around the person you love, you feel comfortable to be yourself. And you have no insecurities about being rejected. 

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You don’t confuse sex with intimacy

Sex is easy. Intimacy occurs outside of the bedroom, in addition to between the sheets. Via Meet Mindful:

A study by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology found that couples don’t need to have sex every day to be happy. Just once a week is needed to maintain satisfaction and happiness in a relationship. The crucial part is overall intimacy, which is created physically, intellectually, emotionally, and through shared experiences.

You integrate the other into your daily life 

We’ve all dated someone who refused to join us at our friend’s dinner party, or our sister’s wedding. This is not cool, because it’s a testament for how the other views you. A true partner values your relationships with other people. And because they have a deep connection to you, they want to support you during these special events. It’s assumed they will always be your Plus One. 

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Meet Mindful suggests moving on if the person you’ve been dating awhile hasn’t bothered to introduce you to their friends or family. Unless they don’t have close relationships with these people (which could totally be the case), there’s really no excuse, other than they are not willing to forge that type of connection to you.

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You value space (yours and your partner’s)

It’s cliche to tell someone to “not lose themselves” in a relationship, but it happens often. If you’re with someone you have an authentic relationship with, both of you will have your own activities, outings and social events that don’t include the other. It’s called having your own life, and it’s not only healthy, it’s attractive to be with someone who is not co-dependent. How can you grow as a couple if you’re never apart? 

You laugh together

If your partner associates you with good times and a lot of laughs, consider yourself in a quality relationship. According to Meet Mindful, a study from the University of North Carolina found that partners who share the most laughs with each other have better-quality relationships.

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Keep these signs in mind when you go on your next date. Finding someone you can have an authentic relationship with should be the goal, not the unattainable dream. 

For more signs you and your partner have an authentic connection, head over to Meet Mindful.


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