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5 Simple Things All Women Want While Having Sex

Sex can be pretty complicated, but good etiquette while getting down might be even more important than talent when it comes to providing orgasms and having a good time. While there are some women in the world who are very particular when it comes to their sex life, every woman (and we mean every woman) appreciates these 5 simple things, which should be implicit.

Once committed to memory these 5 simple acts will help you become the great sex partner you’re meant to be, no matter your level of expertise, trust us: 

Invest In Her Pleasure

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If you’re only worried about yourself while having sex you might end up having fun, but you probably won’t get a second date. The majority of women want to have sex with someone who’s into them and who tends to their needs. To be the best partner you can be, you have to put in your work and invest yourself in whatever it is that you’re doing. It’ll be worth it in the long run. 

Use Condoms

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Using the necessary protection shouldn’t be a demand that women make, it should be implicit. Acting surprised when women ask you to wear a condom is inexcusable, and will only make you seem annoying and immature.

An Orgasm

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It’s important for you to value her orgasm as much as your own, no matter how exhausted you are after you have sex. Get to know yourself and your body, so you can prevent that after sex slump and get her to orgasm before you fall asleep.

A Clean Bed

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It’s very important to have clean sheets once you bring someone home and to not make them have sex in a crusty and crumbly bed. Please, do your laundry and clean up your place before you have visitors. 


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It should go without saying, but it’s very important that you invest the necessary amount of time and dedication into foreplay. Make the moment last and enjoy every second of it, even though it’ll require a little patience. Foreplay will also get her body and mind ready for sex, facilitating a sexier and better experience between the two of you.


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