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5 Useful Sex Toys You Should Have In The Bedroom

Sex toys are a mixed bag of surprises that can freak you out and overwhelm you if you’re not prepared. There are all sorts of sex toys out there, ranging from the ridiculous to the restrained — something for every person and couple, whether they know what works for them or not.

Sex toys are capable of making you feel more comfortable or challenged, depending on what you like. No matter the one you choose, all exist with the purpose of flipping the script and adding a bit of fun into your routine.

The Huffington Post compiled a list of sex toys that are useful and that welcome all sorts of curious people. Here are 5 of our favorites.

CBD Hemp Oil Drops


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This oil is recommended for people who get anxious before or during sex. According to different experts, CBD oil is relaxing and boosts spontaneity, a great fit for those who get stressed out during sex.

Clitoral Jolt Gel

This gel from Unbound goes through different stages and produces different reactions. Made out of peppermint oil, it first cools your skin and then heats it up, increasing blood flow and becoming a really great addition into everyone’s bedroom.

Toy Cleaning Spray


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Cleaning your sex toys is really important and this spray by Lelo does the job better than any hand soap you may be using. It’s fast acting and alcohol free, perfect to use on all sorts of materials.

Truth or Dare Cards

Made by Unbound, this card game is easy and fun, providing an option that’ll make you laugh and force you to get to know your partner a little bit better. It’s only $9 and it has five star reviews on the website, so there’s not much you can lose here.

Moon Juice Sex Dust


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This dust is very popular at Sephora, containing an interesting mix of herbs and ingredients that boost your energy, eliminate stress, promote you vitality and increase your libido. It can be added into any drink, the more delicious the better.


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