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5 Most Common Sex Fantasies According To Sex Workers

Sex workers get to know a side of their clients that the world is generally not exposed to. These professionals get to know the darkest and most hidden impulses of their clients, coming face to face with feelings that their friends or romantic partners don’t get to see.

The Huffington Post interviewed different escorts and sex workers about the strangest and most popular fantasies that they’ve encountered throughout their careers. Check out 5 of the most interesting ones.


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Forced feminization is the practice where male clients pay to be forced into adopting traditionally female behaviors, such as cross-dressing and taking on a more passive role in sex. “The process would involve humiliation, as the label itself is indicative of emasculation. I’d put these men in bras, panties, sometimes I’d put makeup on them and parade them around in high heels,” explains Dominatrix Aleta Cai.

“Forced” bi

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Male clients interested in this practice come to an agreement with their female escort in order to create a scenario where they’re “forced” to perform sexual acts with men as their escort watches and directs them. According to Kitty Striker, a dominatrix and writer, men get turned on by this fantasy because they get to explore a taboo subject. “I think part of the eroticism is in the forbidden nature of the fantasy for men, who are often pushed into hyper-masculine toxic ideals, but often they hadn’t even considered they could experience this in a way that was affirming,” she explains.


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Role plays can involve all sorts of dynamics, typically those where there’s an imbalance of power, such as teacher and student, doctor and patient, or boss and employee. Sex workers explain that these fantasies are so attractive because  clients get to explore taboo and potentially dangerous scenarios in a way that’s safe and removed from real life.


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Escorts also say that a lot of men are interested in having threesomes with two women, which is not that surprising. “Since they’re attracted to women, obviously the more there are, the better it is for them,” says Hayley Jade. She explains that sometimes men aren’t even interested in participating and are just happy to watch.


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Strangely enough, blackmail is also a common fantasy for people, who come up with elaborate scenarios that result in them being “outsmarted” and “accused” of something.  Since a lot of fantasies rely on taboo subjects, it makes sense that exploring them in a way that’s completely safe and fictitious would be a turn on.

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