Thursday, September 28, 2023

Videos Of Cute Animals To Get You Through This Week: June 17

There’s no better pick-me-up than the one you get when you see a clip of an animal acting silly, which is why we’ve compiled this weekly column. These short videos feature all sorts of animals, providing you with that much needed rush of endorphins.

This week’s column features a majority of dogs, including a confused puppy, a dog who’s very happy to be receiving a massage and a strange looking pug. There’s also a very chipper hamster who’ll brighten your day. So here are some videos of cute animals to get you through the week.

A happy hamster

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Hamsters make for great pets because they’re always moving around. While this creates a bit of a problem whenever you have to open their cage, it also makes for some really entertaining animals, like this little guy who is loving his sand bath. Just look at those teeth.

A cuddly pitbull

Few things will make you happier than this dog who’s so content in being held and cuddled that he can’t stop grunting and making adorable noises.

A confused puppy

Puppies go through their first years in a blur of confusion. Very much like babies, they don’t know what’s going on with the world, which must be frustrating but it’s so cute to witness. This small frenchie can barely carry the weight of its own head.

A nice massage

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Ernie is Instagram famous, with over 73K followers. His content never disappoints, showing off tons of grumpy faces, hilarious barks and more.

This weirdo pug

I don’t know why some dogs love to stand on their front legs and what they get out of it but I am grateful for it. Keep doing it.

Hope you enjoyed the videos of cute animals to get you through.


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