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5 Ways To Get Your Money Back After A Bad Purchase

We all make mistakes while shopping. Here are 5 ways that will ensure you get a refund.

Whether you purchased the wrong plane ticket or some clothes that didn’t exactly look like what you saw online, it’s very likely that you’ll get a refund or an exchange if you speak with the right person. But there are exceptions to this rule, with some companies and stores forcing you to go to creative lengths if you want to get your money back.

While there are scammers out there, most businesses are trying their best to sell good products and decent service, even though sometimes things can be mailed to the wrong address, or a product can arrive with a broken part.

Here are 5 tips that can help you get your money refunded on a bad purchase:

Always check the store’s return policy

The most important part of all of this is to always check the store’s return policy before you buy an item. If their policy clearly states that they make no returns, no returns will be made, no matter how mad you are. Take your time to shop and ready through the store’s policies carefully. There’s some variety with return policies, with stores and retailers having them most of the time, a few exceptions made for sales. A standard limit of time for return policies is 15 to 30 days, with some extending these periods to 60 or more, especially during special occasions such as holiday seasons.

Keep your receipt

Although stores nowadays focus on credit cards and their own records, keeping your receipt can make things easier for places that are pickier, providing proof of purchase and not allowing any room for misunderstandings. If you don’t want to carry a paper slip receipt, have the store email it to you or take a photo of it on your phone.

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4 Tips To Help You Avoid Online Shopping Scams
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Use social media

Every couple of months a tweet of someone telling their story about an airplane or some food delivery service goes viral. Companies later have to apologize and try their hardest to keep the customer happy. Although dramatic, this method tends to work; no company wants to look bad. If a Twitter DM or an email doesn’t do the trick, just tweet it out. There’s no need to be mean; companies are usually on the lookout for these kinds of mentions.

Contact your credit card company 

Although speaking with your bank is always a pain, it’s a good option if you’re running out of ideas and have found no way to contact the company that sold your product. Give your bank a call or schedule a visit and explain your situation, disputing your credit or debit card charge.

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Resell whatever you can’t return

If you’ve tried everything and are left with a product you don’t want or need, take matters into your own hands and resell it. Luckily, there’s more ways than ever to achieve this successfully, through ebay, Stubhub, Instagram, Facebook and more. Be as honest as possible without turning people off from the product and you’ll likely make at least half of the original price you paid for it. It’s not your best option but it’s better than nothing.


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