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This Week’s Meme: The Peloton Lady Is The Internet’s Most Terrifying Person

Peloton goes viral for all the wrong reasons. These some of the funniest memes inspired by their holiday ad.

No other meme this week had the level of innovation found in reactions to an unintentionally disturbing Peloton ad. Responses to this awkward commercial range from bitchy comments to one truly hilarious spoof.

Have you seen this thing? The commercial, featuring a woman who seems downright unworthy of a stationary bike that her partner got her for Christmas, is a very puzzling video coming from a company that already has puzzling marketing.

To make the ad even worse, the woman vlogs her year-long experience with the bike and how it changed her life. Mmmmkay.

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If you think about it, it’s a great gift. Who wouldn’t want to own a $2,000 Peloton bike equipped with a small TV? If you think about it some more, the cracks in the ad become obvious because, who in their right mind would want their husband to give them a workout machine for Christmas? That is just asking for a divorce.

Check out some of the funniest reactions online:

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