Monday, September 25, 2023

5 YouTube Channels For A Rainy Day

The internet has handed us the perfect antidote for times where you feel like wasting your hours on something but  don’t have the mental capacity to invest yourself in a movie or a TV show. YouTube is the go-to place to watch trailers and music videos, but it’s also filled with an endless amount of content — if you know where to look. YouTube channels are as varied and quirky as you can imagine, with some discussing books and TV shows and others explaining the intricacies of life in the 18th Century. Here are 5 YouTube channels for a rainy day.

The list includes some of the strangest and coolest videos you should be following. No matter the topic, you will be entertained.


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This YouTube account has over 874K followers, proving that life in the 18th century is much more interesting than one would think. Their videos are wholesome and adorable, showing off cool costumes and teaching viewers how to efficiently handwash clothes, how to build a canoe and how to prepare delicious meals from the time period. A lot of care and work is poured onto these videos, resulting in something unlike anything else out there.

Strange Aeons

This channel is a mix of a lot of things. There’s books and movie commentary, there’s a bit of lifestyle blogging, advice for gay people and investigating interesting parts of the internet, like Tumblr or Incel forums. Strange Aeons‘ commentary is entertaining and smart, showing how flexible YouTube is, giving an endless amount of space for creators.


Unlike most of the other clips on this list, 5MadMovieMaker makes really short videos that are also vert fun to watch. The channel consists of short movies made out of toys like Hot Wheels, train sets and roller coasters, all set to epic music. It’s dumb but it’s fun.

Bon Appetit

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Bon Appetit gives you tips about preparing delicious meals, teaching you how to use kitchen tools and how to cook basically. The great part about this channel are the chefs, who are very charismatic and make Bon Appetit stand out from the crowded cooking genre of the internet. If you’ve never seen their stuff you should start with the Making Perfect series, which, on it’s first season, focuses on a group of chefs that are trying to prepare the perfect pizza.

Sole Collector

This channel is very specific, showing the unboxing process of… shoes. There are also interviews with fellow sneaker lovers ranging from people you’ve never heard of to celebrities like Lena Waithe. Even if you’re not obsessed with sneakers, it’s extremely easy to see all of these people fuss over shoes.


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