Thursday, April 18, 2024

6 Simple Ways To Become The Biggest Bridezilla Of All

Weddings drive people crazy. A day that’s supposed to celebrate love and commitment between two people can easily become a living hell for everyone involved. If you’re planning that special day with here are 10 easy steps to becoming the worst. Don’t be that person:

Talking About Your Wedding Nonstop

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Just don’t ok? We all hate people who brag, especially when it starts getting repetitive. If people ask you about your wedding, just be quick and to the point: yes the party will be amazing. Your friends will love you forever.  

Get Pinterest-Obsessed

Pinterest is like the ultimate land mine for weddings and wedding planners (We all know where they get their inspiration). While the website offers some pretty cool ideas for possible wedding themes and decorations while helping you save some money, it can also make you believe like you can do anything with a pair of scissors and a good attitude, which is sadly not the case. Put Pinterest down.

Forget About Your Fiancé

You know, that person who’s getting married to you. Try to remember that the wedding is a celebration of your love and not just a way to make your childhood fantasies come true. Be mature about it, and really enjoy the moment.

Drive Your Bridesmaids Crazy

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We’ve all seen the movie. Don’t drag people down your rabbit hole of anxiety, especially your closest friends who haven’t done anything wrong. People get crazy with their bachelorette party, engagement party and wedding party, expecting their bridesmaids to put up with all the costs and party planning. 

1 Week Diets

If you want to lose weight before the big day, make sure to commit to your new diet for at least a month in advance. Those crazy one week diets will only add to your stress, and that helps no one.

Inconvenient Time & Place

Destination weddings are amazing but they also ask for a lot of money from friends, so be sure to plan something where that will work out for everyone, and that the people you really want to have there will be able to make it. 


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