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This Woman Bakes Cakes That Are So Realistic It’s Freaky

You could call her a baker, but she’s more of an artist with an emphasis on edible masterpieces.

Jess Leung of Pandora Cake Shop in Hong Kong made her first cake when she was 15 years old to impress her then boyfriend (who is now her husband).

According to EJ Insight, it wasn’t long after Leung made her first cake for a friend that she quit her job working at a jewelry outlet and started making cakes, taking orders online.

Now, she has her own shop where she dedicates her time to helping others create the type of realistic cakes that have made her famous.

“Students can see how much effort an instructor has put in designing a cake. I often encourage my students, telling them that it’s all right if it is not perfect, but it has to be original,” she told EJ Insight.

These are just some of the cakes in her repertoire:

“My principle is that I would never copy other people’s works,” she told EJ Insight. “All my works are my own creations.

In 2015, she won three awards at the Cake International including Best in Show for a Bruce Lee cake and two others featuring Cantonese opera artists.

In a storybook ending as sweet as her cakes, it turns out that all the while Leung was baking for her beau to win his heart, he didn’t have  much of a sweet tooth. When she found out, he tried to smooth things over by buying her a miniature model of a cakery named Pandora, which became the name of the couple’s bake shop when they opened in 2014.

(h/t Insider)


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