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8 Airport Hacks That Will Get You Through The Holiday Season

Traveling is great, but airports have got to be the worst place in the world. Ill-timed flights, delays, long lines and rude people are to be expected whenever you plan a trip, but knowing this in advance doesn’t prepare you for the experience of it.

Airports will always be awful, but a few tips and a little planning ahead of time can help you make the trip more bearable. Just a little bit.

Check out these 8 vital hacks for traveling: 

Store Your Laptop In An Accessible Place

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Whenever your laptop gets stuck in your bag you shave off years of your life, so be sure to store it in a place that’s accessible at any moment. 

Bring A Water Bottle

Everything you buy at airports is extremely overpriced, so be sure to bring your water bottle along and save yourself a little money.


If you have nothing else to do except wait, try napping. It’s the best way to pass time and to destress.

Bring An Extra Sweater

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Airports are always frigid so be sure to bring a sweater or a scarf that you can put on when it gets chilly.

Wear Your Extra Luggage

If your bag is too big, try wearing your extra clothes, at least while your checking in your bags. Then, when it’s time to drop them off, sneak the clothes back inside.

Fly The Red Eye

Late night flights are awful for jetlag but they’re also lonely and peaceful. You can also use these flights for sleeping, resting a little and simply waking up at your destination.

Bring Hand Sanitizer

Airports and airplanes are gross, so bring an small hand sanitizer for whenever you’re sitting down on a different place.  

Pack A Portable Battery Charger

It always sucks to run out of battery, but it’s especially shitty when you’re in an airport. Running out of battery means that you’re out of music, reading materials, or ways of coping with boredom. Even though there are charging stations in all airports, it’s nice to avoid the clutter of people and to just bring your own.


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