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3 Things That Happen When You Quit Taking Birth Control

There are a lot of myths surrounding birth control. Women who’ve been on the pill since they were very young have adapted in many ways that aren’t limited to preventing pregnancy.

These pills do a lot for women’s bodies, from regulating periods, to controlling the health of their skin, and maintaining the weight of their bodies. When women have spent some time taking birth control regularly and want to stop, there are questions you need to ask.

An expert from Popsugar explains what happens to your system once you quit birth control, and how each person’s process can be very different.

Check out these 3 elements that might be influenced once you quit birth control: 

Hormone Control

If you don’t plan on getting pregnant, you should use condoms or other methods of birth control as soon as you quit the pill. When the body is finally rid of the birth control hormones, it’ll start to produce the necessary hormones for ovulation, which can occur in a few days or a few months after quitting the pill. It’s normal for this process to take up from two to three months, but  you chould be ovulating normally in just a week or so.  

Period Irregularities

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It’s also important to know that if you had problems with irregular periods before you were on the pill, there’s a possibility that this will recur. Sometimes your body can take longer than normal to produce the necessary hormones for ovulation, a condition that’s called amenorrhea. If this is the case, it’s important to visit a gynecologist, or to take a pregnancy test.

Reappearance of Acne and Weight changes

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There are a lot of variables that are influenced when you stop taking birth control, like your weight or the presence of acne. If you’ve struggled with these issues before, and the pills were your way of managing them, you may experience a surge in your acne or a loss or gain of weight once you quit the pills. This issues will probably normalize after your body gets used to the presence of your natural hormones.

There are many things that can change the minute you stop taking birth control. It’s important to know that all of them are very common and that you’re not alone, but that they should be supervised by a gynecologist who’ll be able to explain the causes of these events. As you can see, preparation is key when quitting birth control.


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