Thursday, June 20, 2024

9 Adorable Dogs That Have A Better Instagram Account Than You

Scrolling through Instagram, it’s easy to get caught up in FOMO or the mundane of other people’s lives. But hold the phone — is that a cuddly dog I just saw? The lure of a cute pup — or any pet for that matter — is irresistible and worthy of a closer look. Here are 9 dogs that you should be following on Instagram, whether you need a daily cute overload or not. (We all know you need a cute overload.)

Sir Charles Barkley The Frenchie

Handle: @barkleysircharles

Bio: “Seattle French Bulldog born on 5/7/12”

He doesn’t do much. In fact, it appears most things are done to him. But damn if he doesn’t look content.


Handle: @bleuintheburg

Bio: “Brooklyn born & raised; Official Dog Treat Tester at Bocce’s Bakery”

Nobody can resist a dog with one eye. NOBODY!

Lucielle Bull

Handle: @lucyfarted

Bio: “Lucy’s favorite food is that Popsicle candy that’s watermelon flavored with chili on it (fyi).”

Her name is Lucielle Bull ffs. She deserves a party hat every day of the year.

Bandito The Pug

Handle: @PugandCat

Tinder profile: “Along with my cat ‘brother’ Luigi, I’ve logged more than 900 miles across Spain.”

Bandito will not be second fiddle to Luigi. Second tiny guitar? Maybe.

Menswear Dog

Handle: @mensweardog

Bio: “The Most Stylish Dog in the World”

When an animal dresses better than half the country, it’s time to re-evaluate the human race.


Handle: @marutaro

Tinder profile: “I like to sleep with stuffed animals.”

Maru has never had a bad hair day.

Quincy Fox

Handle: @QuincyFox

Bio: “It looks like my Pomeranian mom had an affair with a fox”

Quincy is considered a social media “influencer.” What have you done today?

Lilly, Silas & Gustav (the Cat)

Handle: @lillyandthehairless

Tinder profile: “No hair, don’t care.”



Handle: @poochofnyc

Bio: “They call me the ‘Bob Ross of dogs'”
Bob Ross was not a hipster.


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