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So, About That Life-Size Kanye-As-Jesus Statue That Showed Up On Hollywood Boulevard

A life-size golden statue of Kanye West as Jesus on the cross appeared overnight on Hollywood Boulevard. The piece was created by Plastic Jesus, a well known artist of the area responsible for similar art works that criticize celebrity life and pop culture, including stuff like the drug induced death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman and a literal Oscar statuette snorting a line of cocaine. Yikes.

The statue is titled False Idol and plays on the well worn belief that Kanye – and some of his fans – think that he is Jesus (Yeezy, anyone?). The artwork was unveiled Wednesday on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea and will stay there for a short period of time before moving permanently to the artist’s gallery on Sunset Boulevard. The statue depicts a golden Kanye nailed to a cross, crown of thorns and all.

Plastic Jesus explained that the Kanye/Jesus statue (KanJesus, one might say) tries to represent the rapper’s recent decline in fame due to his controversial meeting with Trump and his mental health issues, which have been exploited by the media and discussed over and over on the internet in exhausting detail.

It’s hard to know exactly what Kanye means, or if he really believes what he’s saying when he makes crazy statements like the fact that he considers himself God and that he’s running for president, but one thing is true. He’s very easy to talk about which, in our world, makes him art worthy.

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