Sunday, January 26, 2020
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A Look At The Massachusetts Dispensary Selling Marijuana Pizza

A Massachusetts dispensary is taking marijuana edibles in a new direction. It could remind you what you normally order after consuming edibles—pizza. The thought of marijuana pizza fills us with joy.

Ermont Inc. is a non-profit dispensary that specializes in concocting edibles. Their latest offering is a six-inch personal cheese pizza that includes 125 mg of THC. The pizzas are made frozen so patients can take them home and enjoy them discretely.

“We are pleased to offer a new, more appetizing way for our patients to alleviate pain and discomfort,” Ermont CEO and founder Jack Hudson stated in a press release. “The combination of a food as popular as pizza with the medicinal benefits of marijuana represents an important milestone in the evolution of our high-quality marijuana infused products menu.”

The cheese pot pizzas are selling for $38 a pie and the company told NBC Boston they’ve already sold 200 of them. For now they only come with cheese, but consumers could always add their own toppings if they want.

Only those with state-issued medical marijuana ID cards will be able to purchase the product.


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