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A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Cannabis Enthusiasts And More

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Here are some gift ideas, from chocolate boxes to fun and relaxing cannabis products.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and while you won’t be able to comfortably dine out in a restaurant along with other mushy couples, you may still be able to get something good out of Cupid’s day.

February 14 is not really a holiday; it’s more of a glorified occasion where you can have a high stakes date, eat good food, go HAM on a lot of chocolate and spend some time with your partner. Recently, Valentine’s Day has expanded itself; it’s now nice to give gifts to friends and family members, who may be feeling especially more lonely this year. While presents aren’t expected, they’re a thoughtful gesture that can range in price and functionality since V-Day is pretty loose in terms of expectations.

You could go the traditional route with chocolates and flowers, or you could try something new. Here are just a few ideas.

For those who want something relaxing

A Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Cannabis Enthusiasts And More
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Everyone wants to relax right now, but sadly it’s becoming increasingly difficult, so we need all the help we can get. There’s tons of stuff that can help you feel relaxed, at least, momentarily. You can gift some regular bath bombs or some with CBD if you want your gift to be extra relaxing, like Vertly’s bath salts. Nourish Mantra makes some great mud masks that contain different products and that feel thick and pleasant on your skin, resulting in a face that feels and looks smooth and clear. Products like Saint Jane look and feel fancy, and can help treat eye bags and while reviving your skin. Before you use, remember to test the product in a small patch of skin.

For those who are all about food


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Valentine’s Day is a great day to indulge in your oral senses, whether someone’s cooking for you, take-out is ordered in, or chocolates is consumed. Cookbooks make for great gifts, provided that you don’t imply that your significant other should cook more or cook better, because then you’re just asking for a fight. If you’re interested in wine pairings and food recipes, you can try Washington Wine + Food. If you want something sweeter, you can try Dessert Person. You can also try meal prep kits, such as Hello Fresh and Blue Apron.

If you want something more traditional, boxed chocolates are a great option. Kiva Confections makes delicious chocolates infused with cannabinoids, like CBN, THC and CBD. Boxed chocolates, such as Recchiuti Confections, don’t contain cannabis, but are still delicious.

For those who wants something sexy

A Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Cannabis Enthusiasts And More
Photo courtesy of Playboy

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Valentine’s Day is supposed to be sexy and fun, even if we’re living through unsexy and unfun times. It’s the thought that matters, right? Cannabis lubricants and arousal oils cost more than the standard bottle of lube you can find at CVS, but they also feel different, and contain lovely scents and cannabinoids that affect your body in interesting and novel ways. CBD by Playboy‘s products have a strong vanilla scent that’s really nice, while Standard Dose’s Common Bond lubricant is light and washes quickly off the skin.

If you want your gift to be a little more fun and have a longer life, you can try underwear sets, like MeUndies. This brand makes underwear for men and women that’s comfortable and malleable, with adorable designs. They also make Valentine’s Day underwear for women that isn’t exclusively thongs, which is a plus.

For those who want to have fun


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If you’re all about the fun and entertainment this year, you can try out a wine subscription box like Winc Monthly Wine Club, which costs $39 a month, or SommSelect Monthly Wine Club, which starts at $99 a month and provides you with a themed subscription box curated by Ian Cauble, that sommelier with the Netflix show.

If you’re interested in weed, Playboy makes some beautiful ashtrays and pipes, featuring that infamous bunny. If you’re interested in getting your smoke on, there’s ZBooks, beautiful looking rolling paper that result in joints that are bright and stable. Made by Z’s Life, these products were made in partnership with One Tree Planted, ensuring that with every product you purchase, a tree gets planted.

You can also try a book subscription, like Book of the Month or Tailored Book Recommendations, which provide readers with books and are simple ways of helping people get back into reading.


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