Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Apple Is Buying Shazam And iTunes May Be On Its Way Out

Spotify and other streaming services have changed the music industry. While most of us think that streaming music is the way to go, some musicians believe that this model of consuming music does a disservice to their work.

Last week, after much speculation, Apple confirmed their acquisition of Shazam, an app that allows the user to know which song is playing on the TV or on the radio. Shazam samples the audio that surrounds you and, if its clear enough, tells you the name of the song.

While Apple hasn’t confirmed or denied anything because they’re being their usual secretive selves, many experts believe that the acquisition of Shazam coincides with the company’s need to shift their music model, opting for a service that’s streaming only.

According to The Huffington Post, music streaming services have grown incredibly fast over the past few years, outpacing streaming giants such as Netflix, while music downloads have only decreased since 2012.

According to the BBC, acquiring Shazam could give Apple the necessary edge that they need to fight Spotify, offering their users and subscribers specific recommendations of songs due to their large database of information. We’ll know of Apple’s plans by early 2019, which is when they plan to unveil their new music model. In the meantime, patience!


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