Saturday, November 26, 2022

Marijuana Product Review: The Hmbltd Dose Pen Is Perfect

One night while at a bar, a savvy and connected friend literally herded me outside “just for a second” to try this Apple Pencil looking object that she claimed was a vape pen, and knew I would adore. I gently pulled on the palm-sized tube and within just a few seconds it vibrated to let me know when to cut it. The Hmbldt Dose Pen is easily the coolest weed product I’d tried since the very first G Pen, which was quite some time ago.

The device itself is designed with a dreamy and comforting sleek body that delivers everything you want with no excess. This method of consumption is not only measured and informative to even a first time user, it’s revolutionary for those that use specific cannabis protocol in their medical care. It’s roughly the size of a Bic lighter, and unlike that ubiquitous smoking accoutrement, it’s recyclable.

One major divergence from the rest of the disposable cartridges out there are its formulas, which are an engineered blend of cannabinoids and terpenes made to have certain effects, rather than representing any given strain. Six formulas address the run from sleep to sex issues. Having tried four of the six, the concept is absolutely incredible to me. I loved pretty much every single thing about the Dose Pen from its appearance to the formulas flavor profile.

The Calm Dose Pen is significantly higher in CBD than the other formulas, and is a godsend for the non-neurotypical. While people are quick to avoid cannabis for a litany of reasons not limited to bad experiences, I think this pen alone addresses most of the issues that people seem to have with the stuff. It also has a slightly more grassy note to it, which is not unpleasant at all and is similar to traditional vape flavors. The rest of the flavor is rounded out by lemon heavy limonene, myrcene, and pinene, when paired together fight anxiety, improve brain focus, and get you to your goals with as little THC as possible.

Photos by Maria Penaloza

Spicy-floral and incredible for aches and pains, the Relief Dose Pen is the next-highest in CBD of the pens I tried. It’s rich in terpinolene, a piney terpene, and B-caryophyllene, the essence of cannabis and clove, which give the Relief pen its heady flavor like gardenias and sunshine. Anyone having a medical procedure should consider grabbing one of these to supplement what the doctor prescribes, anti inflammatory protocol doesn’t stop with pills!

Photos by Maria Penaloza

Bliss Dose Pen is a morning joy. It’s balanced in the anti-anxiety and focus promoting terpenes as well as the body loving ones for pain management. It’s slightly higher in THC than the other formulas I tried, which is great considering the doses are small. Someone who is used to smoking actual herb or stronger 1000mg concentrate pens will appreciate the bump of THC in this formula.

Photos by Maria Penaloza

Arouse is unique in flavor when compared to most concentrates, and especially side by side with the other Hmbldt formulas. The Arouse Dose Pen works with clovey caryophyllene and heady farnesene, but instead of delving into too many fruity terps, it’s got the hoppy/sage like aroma of humulene, giving it an earthy punch that really makes for an exciting pull.

Overall, these pens are fabulous for their evolved design and formulation and their commitment to recyclability. They have a serious novelty factor that is undeniable, it’s an exciting product to use and even more exciting when you can genuinely feel it working. The only con would be the amount of product per pen, which tops out at 400mg of THC in the larger Dose Pen, as many disposable cartridges have at least 500mg if not 1000. For people looking for precision and reliability over psychoactivity, I don’t think the THC amount per pen will be an issue at all.

Photos: Maria Penaloza
Illustration: Danielle Guercio



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