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Bored? Here Are 5 Hobbies You Can Learn Online

There are days when you don’t want to fill up your free time with friends, movies or books. Although these experiences are all great and worthy of their own time, some days your brain just isn’t in the right state for them.

Hobbies are brought up a lot when it comes to healthy habits and “self care”. They provide a learning experience that’s good for you and can make you more interesting to be around. Hobbies can evolve into passions that provide fun and fulfillment, and that can play a significant role in your life.

Since the list of possible hobbies is endless, here are five popular and simple ones that you can learn online. They’ll hopefully not only satisfy you, but leave you with an impressive skill.


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Embroidery is quite simple if you start with the basics and buy the appropriate kit, which is available on Amazon with a million different patterns. There are also tons of Youtube tutorials online that can help a lot if you’re more of a visual learner.

Plant care

Who doesn’t dream of keeping a plant alive for more than a week? Although this task seems impossible to accomplish, at least on a personal level, there are actually people who are really great at tending to their plants. Unlike kids or pets, plants are cheap and not too demanding. You can fulfill your nurturing side and still having free time to do other things. Like reading these useful tips on plant care.


Sure, juggling has no actual purpose, but it could make for an interesting party trick if you’re not too smug about it. There are hundreds of YouTube tutorials available that teach you how to juggle with three balls, two balls and more. Go crazy.


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This is one of those skills that is super boring but that will beef up your resume and leave you with a skill that’s helpful for a wide variety of tasks that aren’t limited to the creative. Adobe offers its own tutorials, but if you prefer a more conversational tone and less structure you can always check out what YouTubers have to say.



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Calligraphy, or that one skill you seriously regret ignoring when you were in elementary school, is experiencing a big comeback. There are dozens of Instagram accounts dedicated to the practice, which, let’s be honest, is satisfying just to look at. If you’re someone who likes to write things by hand or is interested in bullet journals, calligraphy is a worthy skill to pursue.


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