Monday, March 27, 2023

4 Essential Tips For Sharing Nudes

The inclusion of cameras on phones has altered a lot of things, mostly the pervasiveness of selfies and nudes. It’s important for everyone to be informed, especially if they’re young and susceptible to making rash decisions.

A survey from Cosmopolitan, whose readership has a median age age of 21, reported that 89% of them had taken a nude at some point in their lives. This information was gathered in 2014, when smartphones had way worse cameras and less options for making yourself look as good as possible. It’s safe to assume that nudes are not going anywhere and that people are taking even more of them now.

Here’s what you can do in order to ensure that you’re as safe as you can be when sending a nude.

Get comfortable with your body

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Author Nona Willis Aronowitz suggests getting to know your body and your naked angles, which are totally different than your clothed angles. This practice will allow you to get some confidence and to enjoy yourself in a way that’s completely risk free.

Show them off in real life

No, you don’t have to print your nudes and carry them around in a bag. Just show them to the person you intend to show them to…in person. Like, while you’re actually together, ensuring that the photo still stays in your phone and, more importantly, in your control.  Although slightly unorthodox, this is also a pretty sexy activity, especially if you have some really good nudes.

Share because you want to

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If someone’s pressuring you to send them a nude, don’t do it. Sharing nudes with people is sexy when it feels safe and when there’s trust. Before you hit send make sure that the person you shared the photo with would never share it with someone else, even if you break up with them and they’re super depressed.

Be aware of the risk

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Even someone you trust can do bad things. It’s very important to know that whenever you send a nude, the photo is no longer under your control. The recipient now holds all the cards, which means they can share it with other people. It’s also extremely important that you know the laws of the state where you live. If you’re underage, sharing a nude could result in much more trouble than the betrayal of someone sharing your naked pics.



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