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That Time Calvin Harris Grew A Beard So People Would Take Him Seriously

If you’re wondering why Calvin Harris was sporting a scraggly beard in recent months, now we know why—he was trying to win a Grammy.

Harris received a Producer of the Year nomination at the 2018 Grammys. To be “taken seriously by the Grammys as a producer,” Harris grew a “big ol’ beard.” It worked so far as to earn him the nomination, but Calvin Harris would lose the Producer of the Year Award to eventual winner Greg Kurstin, whose work was featured on 2017 albums by Kendrick Lamar and Liam Gallagher.

With Kurstin’s win, Harris will lose the beard he announced on social media Tuesday. “Now my beard is gone, the experiment completed, and I can move forward with 2018,” he wrote.

Check his full beard eulogy below.

Last year, Forbes named Calvin Harris the highest-paid DJ in the world so he’s doing fine. In addition, it was announced he extended his Omnia nightclub residency in Las Vegas through 2020.


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