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The Top 4 Exotic Cannabis Destinations In The World

Travel is a number-one dream or pastime on the planet, mainly because there are so many breathtaking things to see and do in this world. If you’re one of the many with wanderlust and you’re reading this article, you likely also appreciate destinations that aren’t harsh on the herb. Getting caned for a joint would only be a highlight for a select few, and they’d really like their lashings with a safe word.

Cannabis destinations are one of the latest (and oldest) trends and why not? Cannabis is an enhancement plant and everything good should be enhanced on a holiday: delicious foods, new music, colorful or ornate architecture, welcoming new friends and the glitz and glory of something new.

Here are the top four to get you motivated to hop on the next plane to cannabis destiny:

The most obvious choice is Amsterdam. Though not quite as footloose and fancy free as in previous decades, with new rules governing sales and tourism, Amsterdam is still riddled with coffee (pot) shops that serve anything from flower to hash to concentrates to magic mushrooms. One of the greatest delights of your life could be sipping a rich hash hot chocolate and then strolling the cobblestone streets to take in museum square, a boat ride on the canals, a delicious meal from any cuisine of your choosing and then drifting off into a deep, peaceful sleep. (You’ll need to rest up for the Red Light District the next day!)

Ibiza, Spain is the kind of place that you don’t need much incentive to choose for your next trip abroad. Aside from Spain being one of the most cannabis friendly places in the world, Ibiza itself is situated in the Mediterranean Sea with beautiful beaches and weather that soothes and replenishes year round. Finding herb is usually easy and out in the open, as in Spain it is legal to possess up to 40 grams of cannabis.

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and Jamaica could easily be called the ganja capital of the world. Home to the herb’s poster champion, wailer to the masses, Bob Marley, Jamaica boasts plenty of cannabis for Jamaicans and tourists alike. Beach resorts, city sights, colonial history and a lush jungle, Kingston itself is a very popular destination for people around the world to come take in the sunshine and the irie vibes.

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San Francisco, California is truly the city with something for everyone. Golden Gate Park is a joy to walk from panhandle to ocean and it seems that every block in every section of town has its own culture and favorite bars and restaurants. Of course you can’t miss the home of hippies, Haight-Ashbury or beatnik mecca City Lights Bookstore, but be sure to do it all while properly lit. Now that California is legal, it’s the it destination in the United States.


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