Saturday, April 4, 2020
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WATCH: Alien Cake Is The Only Way Parents Should Do Gender Reveal Parties

It’s not a boy or a girl, it’s a cake-bursting alien!

Gender reveal parties have experienced a boom of sorts over the past year, setting forests on fire, facilitating human-alligator wrestling matches, making party guests eat blue colored lasagna. There’s no end to people’s creativity when it comes to announcing the gender of their baby, which is why this particular gender reveal clip is so fun.

Twitter user @MsKittenFish uploaded a short clip of her gender reveal party, where she’s super excited as she’s about to cut the cake that’ll let her know the sex of her baby. You can hear the party guests muttering in excitement, looking as she leans towards the cake and capturing the moment when an alien pops out, completely gender-less. Guests scream and then laugh, and all is good.

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Gender reveal parties are getting more and more despised throughout the world, as you can see by people’s responses to the video. Still, with our social media driven society there’s no way these inventions are stopping any time soon. Hopefully this video will set a cool precedent, inspiring others to creep out their guests with cool alien cake.

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