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Cardi B’s Daily Style Tips Are The Gifts That Keep Giving

Cardi B is undeniable. Part of it’s the unapologetic authenticity, part of it’s the petty jokes, but whatever you think of her, you can’t ignore Cardi B.

And why the hell would you want to? Her Instagram feed is always filled with the rapper keeping it real in ways most didn’t even know was possible to keep it real. Perhaps that’s why Steve Madden employed her in their year-end marketing campaign to deliver Daily Tips with Cardi B.

Be warned, these tips are at the very least PG-13 rated. Alright, motherf–kers,” she greets in the very first video. She delivers advice like “Every woman need to have a pointy shoe” and “Alright if I button this shirt, I can go to a business meeting but I can where this to da club.”

The campaign’s intention is for Cardi B to select her five favorite Steven Madden style and deliver improvised tips on how best to wear them. She tells you about glittery shoes she calls the “wifey” (because you can still attend brunch in them without drawing side eye) and why white boots are her current move (they’re sexy).

“You know what makes a outfit?” she says in one video. “A good, poppin’ ass shoe.” Enough said.

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