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5 Rumors About Apple’s New iPad

On October 30, Apple will be hosting a special event where the company will introduce new products and features. While not as popular as the company’s usual September event, Apple’s fall event is where they tend to introduce other products such as new generations of iPads and laptops.

Other products that are rumored to be featured on the event are new Airpods, a new generation of MacBook Air laptops and a smaller version of the Apple Home. Check out 5 of the most exciting and surprising rumors surrounding the 2018 version of the iPad:

Two versions

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According to Bloomberg, Apple has been working on two iPads of different sizes, one that measures 12.9 inches and another one that measures 10.5. The difference between devices is not yet known, but both iPads are rumored to take inspiration from the iPhone X, featuring larger screens, reduced bezels, and no notch.

Fast charging

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The Verge reports a rumor that says that new iPads will change their ports to USB-C, which are more powerful and allow for fast charging. These ports are the ones used on Macbooks and Macbook Pros. Despite the fact that this sounds promising, this rumor is one of the unlikeliest ones out of this list due to the fact that iPads have been using the same ports since 2012.

No headphone jacks

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9to5Mac reports that at least one of the iPad models will get rid of the headphone jack in order to include Apple’s lightning connector. This rumor seems pretty likely since Apple has been leaning away from headphone jacks in every direction. Be ready to carry several chords around or make the switch to wireless headphones.

No more iPad mini

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With an increased size on most of their products, there’s no room for the iPad mini. Bloomberg reports that this rumor is true, claiming that the device hasn’t been updated since 2015. It also features very low storage that doesn’t fit with Apple’s current business model.

No OLED display

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According to different sources, it’s still not possible for Apple to create large amounts of iPads with OLED screen. These screens are very expensive and the cost of the device wouldn’t make sense when Apple has such a big market that needs to have a cheaper option.

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